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MoveIt® Freight Solutions international shipping services start where others leave off. As an IATA (International Air Transport Association) endorsed agent, we have the experience to walk you through the intricacies of rates, tariffs, duties, taxes and other important international commerce concerns. We make it easy to ship so you can spend your time on your business.

Air Freight

From small package shipments to full-scale shipping projects, MoveIt® Freight Solutions has experience that covers the globe.

Ocean Freight

MoveIt® Freight Solutions Ocean Services provides global shipping services between thousands of port cities around the world. Our Intermodal capabilities allow us to move freight inland via train or truck to save money.

Blanket Wrap trucking service to Canada

We offer specialized air ride, blanket wrap ground logistics between the U.S. and Canada.)))

World Cargo Alliance Member

MoveIt® Freight Solutions is a Gold Medallion member of the World Cargo Alliance – World Cargo Alliance is the premier global network of independent international freight forwarders. With 1084 member offices in more than 160 countries, World Cargo Alliance carefully selects only companies with experience and expertise to join the most powerful group in the logistics industry.

World Cargo Alliance was to provide top independent international freight forwarders with effective means of communicating with each other to establish and maintain business partnerships that would benefit shippers and buyers worldwide. WCA Family’s unique, innovative approach provides shippers and buyers with a forwarding network of professional companies that know their business and yours. World Cargo Alliance members have the expertise to treat you as a valued client and handle your shipments with care and skill.