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Industries Served

The MoveIt® companies serve a variety of industries, all with specific requirements.

Asset Recovery. Collecting equipment for lease returns, credit repossessions, salvage and end-of-life assets requires a unique and specialized logistics approach.

Auction (Buyers-Sellers). Whether you are buying or selling items in the commercial auction marketplace, safe, reliable transportation is critical to your success.

Financial Services/ Leasing. Banks, leasing companies, and other financial industry companies have specific requirements for collecting off-lease items like copiers, computers, printers and other items.

Food Service/Vending. Glass door merchandisers, Coolers, vending machine and restaurant equipment have special handling needs. From white-glove pickup and delivery to warehouse and inventory management, the MoveIt® companies are a full-service partner of the Food Service industry.

High Tech. The MoveIt® companies were founded in response to the needs of high-tech shippers who required specialized shipping for their high-tech equipment.

Medical/Bio-Pharma. To meet the needs of the medical/bio-pharma industry, the MoveIt® Companies have put in place exacting standards for performance that Equipment Resellers, Manufacturers and Hospitals all rely on.