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Our Commitment to the Environment

The MoveIt® companies are dedicated to reducing our impact on the natural environment. As our business grows we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to sustainability efforts, like reducing our use of paper, recycling our waste, purchasing hybrid vehicles and working from a low impact structure. We also select partners who share our same ideals, whenever possible. Please send us any suggestions you have to help us achieve these goals.

Corporate Vehicles All of our corporate vehicles are hybrid, to help us contribute to lower carbon emissions and fewer smog-forming pollutants.

Transportation As an applicant of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Smart Way” we work with many trucking companies and owner operators using trucks, tractors and trailers that meet the criteria specified by SmartWay. In 2009 the SmartWay partnership projects that it will eliminate 6 million tons of CO2 and conserve more than 540 million gallons of diesel fuel. (

Paper Reduction

Facilities In 2008 we hired Leed Certified commercial building architect John Shaw to design a new office building. Our goal was to make our new space a work friendly, healthy, environmentally friendly workplace. In February 2009 construction was completed and we moved into our new offices. The building uses many state-of-the-art materials and technologies, making it a clean, healthy, sustainable place to work, and we feel good about that everyday!


Facts About Our Facilities

Recycled Materials

Renewable materials

Energy Savings

Water Conservation Eljer Aqua-Saver Flushmate Toilets - 39 percent reduction in water use compared to standard toilet.



Buy Local In an effort to reduce transportation resources, materials were purchased locally.

Amazing fact:

This building is almost double the size of our old workspace and our energy expense (water, electric, etc.) is 1/3 less !!